Reliable Broken Ignition Key Extraction Services in Ottawa

Uptown Locksmith Provides 24/7 Broken Ignition Key Extraction Solutions

Sometimes, well, many times actually, what should be a perfect match between an ignition switch and an ignition key is not so perfect. A wrong twist, a faulty mechanism, or old, weakened metal, can cause the ignition key to break, leaving the driver with half a key in their hand and the other half firmly lodged within the ignition switch, out of reach.

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Quite frankly, this is one of the most common auto locksmith trouble drivers in Ottawa report through our call center. Specifically for such cases we at Uptown Locksmith have even further improved the best broken ignition key extraction service throughout Ottawa and its vicinity, offering our customers quick and reliable solutions for affordable prices.

Why Call a Pro?

Trying to extract the remains of the broken key from the ignition switch by untrained amateurs, can result in much more serious trouble. Untrained hands can accidently make the broken key get stuck even further in the ignition switch, or get lodged more firmly, making it even harder to safely and successfully pull it out. When trying to pry out the broken key, less than professionals can cause greater harm by damaging the ignition switch itself, escalating the solution from a simple enough broken key extraction to an entire ignition system replacement.

The frustrating thing is, that such situations occur when you expect them the least. That is why our broken ignition key extraction service is available 24/7 and our on-call emergency response teams are only 30 minutes away anywhere in Ottawa. That is what an excellent and professional locksmith service is all about.

Credible and Certified

Choosing a credible and certified locksmith company is the best choice you can make in any event of a locksmith problem. That way you can be sure and relaxed that the service provided to you is professional and delivered by trained technicians.

Saving You Time and Money

Uptown Ottawa’s broken ignition key extraction services are delivered quickly and effectively, so you would not have to waste any of your precious time or money. As soon as your call comes through to our dispatch we are already on the move, maintaining our motto of “arriving quickly and not leaving until the job gets done to the customer’s full satisfaction”.

Contact us and receive what you are paying for – a great locksmith service with great results. We would not have it any other way, and neither should you.

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